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Meet Hazel. Hazel is a beautiful black one year old female cat. Hazel is a gentle soul, on the shier side, who was abandoned in a neighbourhood in Ancaster. She will need a little patience and someone willing to continue working with her to build trust and confidence She has not been exposed to other animals or children and would do best in a quieter home.  Here is what her foster mom had to say:

“(Hazel) while not a lap cat, prefers to sit close by or across the room so that, at any given time, she can open her eyes or turn her head to make sure you are where she left you. She will often call out during the day to see where you are, and when you reply, she will come running to reassure herself that everything is ok. Once or twice a day she insists on a very concentrated ‘one on one’ time with petting, backend scratching and head bonking while she circles around, walks back and forth and jumps up and down off of the bed – so cute and funny.

Favourite Past Time: sitting on the window sills (window open please, no cushion or mat, she won’t use it) watching the birds and other critters do their thing all day long.

Favourite Toys: cat wands with feathers and string moved slowly under a soft floor mat. She will run across the room and dive under that mat over and over and over again as long as you will keep the wand moving. When you let her catch it she chews on the string.

Perfect in litter box – Purchased 2 large rectangular shallow storage boxes, placed side by side, uses one for urinating and the other for defecating. I will gladly send them along with Hazel when she is adopted.

I keep fresh water and dry kibble down for her all day and provide wet food for breakfast and dinner. She takes a few kibbles on and off all day whenever she likes so she does not have to worry about food. She did come to us starving and emaciated.” Hazel has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative for FIV/FELV. The adoption fee is $175.  If you have room in your heart & your home, contact us here or email [email protected]. Please remember to check your junk mail when waiting for a response.

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Brantford Ontario Canada

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