Kittens – Patrick, Cara, Rowan

STATUS: Adopted

Meet Patrick, Cara and Rowan! These sweet kittens are approximately 10 weeks old and are searching for their forever homes.

Patrick (Brown tabby male): Patrick is the ring-leader of this circus. He is the first to explore a new space, test out a new toy, and meet a new visitor. He is bold and playful, and very independent. He loves getting pets and chin scratches, but he would prefer sharing a toy with you over being held or picked up for long stretches of time. Patrick would love to be adopted with his sister Rowan, but would also be happy in a home with another young cat to play with.

Cara (solid black female with white chest spot): Cara is sweet, cuddly and very gentle. She is mild-mannered, and loves to snuggle up with you and hang out! She likes to play with her siblings, but when they get too rough she prefers to take the supervisor role and keep an eye on things instead. Cara would love to be adopted with Neeve, but would also be happy in a home with another young cat to play with.

Rowan (solid black female): Rowan is a brave and bold little girl. She is fearless when it comes to trying new things, and loves to explore new places and toys. If Patrick is the ring-leader of this circus, Rowan is the tight-rope walker. She is always one step behind her brother, ready to prove that she can do anything he can. Rowan can be a little timid around new people, but once she gets to know you, she’s not shy at all about asking for love and attention! Rowan would love to be adopted with her brother Patrick, but would do okay in a home with another young, confident, gentle cat to show her the ropes.

Our policy on kittens is that they must be adopted in pairs or go singly to a home with another cat. Each kitten’s adoption fee is $175. All Hearts to Homes kittens are spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated at the time of adoption. Due to COVID-related backlogs, adopters will be required to return kittens for spay/neuter in December at no additional cost. To receive an adoption application, please email us at [email protected].

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