STATUS: Adopted

Meet Babe! Babe is a handsome 7 year old male tabby with a very sweet disposition. He has had a tough time over the last few months. Babe came to us with a broken foot and a fixed deviation of the Sternum or Xiphoid Process which is a distinct hook outward of the bone at the rear end of the sternum. His foot was wrapped in a splint and cage rest ordered for about 6 weeks. The foot did not heal the way we hoped but the soft tissue around the bones did form hard scar tissue to hold the bones in place. He is walking, climbing, jumping just fine now. In terms of the fixed deviation of the xiphoid process, it could be that he was born with it or it could be due to trauma at some point in his life. The protruding xiphoid does not bother him and he is in good health. Babe was an indoor/outdoor cat when he came into our care. He is now an indoor only cat. We are looking for a home that will take good care of this sweet boy and not let him roam free outdoors again.

His current foster mom says “Babe is absolutely a lovely boy. Soooo sweet. After a couple days, he is cohabitating (with my cat Simon) well. Babe is very chill. He nips at my cat’s ears if Simon is in his face too much or trying to steal his food. Babe loves being brushed.”

Babe has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you have room in your heart & your home for Babe, contact us here or email [email protected]. The adoption fee is $200.

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Brantford Ontario Canada

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