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Meet Wyatt! Wyatt is approximately 5 years young as you can see from the video LOL! He is so grateful to be safe and have a lap to curl up in. When we rescued Wyatt from the street, he was in rough shape – he had a large gash on his neck and badly needed dental work. It was obvious he had been out for a while. Wyatt was very frightened and hid for the first few weeks in his foster home. Once he understood he was safe, he came out of his shell. At first he was frightened of the dog and other cats but now he rules the roost. Here is what his foster mom has to say – “When I wake in the morning he is there to say where is my food? He wraps himself around my legs and tries to lead me to the chest where I keep wet food. Kind of like he is herding me. He really is an awesome guy. He is super cuddly and loves pets and brushing.” Wyatt would do best as an only cat – he loves his people and is a gentle guy but can be a bit of bully with other animals.

Wyatt has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative for FELV but positive for FIV which is not surprising given his years on the street. FIV is common & nothing to fear – please refer below for more information on FIV. The adoption fee is $175. If you have room in your heart & your home for this little character – contact us here or email [email protected].

FIV is a feline only virus that cannot be transmitted to people or other animal species. FIV is passed between cats through a deep bite wound – deep enough to inject saliva into the bloodstream of the other cat and is commonly found in unneutered outdoor males who fight for territory. FIV is not passed through casual contact like sharing food/water bowls or litter boxes or through playing, wrestling or licking/cleaning each other. Studies over the last 10 years have also shown that cats with FIV often live as long as otherwise healthy cats that do not have this virus. Studies have also found that FIV-positive cats can live with FIV-negative cats and not infect the FIV-negative cats during normal day-to-day interaction. Links to more information: https://www.fivcatrescue.org/fiv-what-is-fiv/?gclid=CjwKCAiAhJTyBRAvEiwAln2qB43W3uPvScOYWPF0eqKU_CFJpvZVQsJ6LObRH-PE-BJFf_0i6HTuwxoCXLQQAvD_BwE https://www.vet.cornell.edu/departments-centers-and-institutes/cornell-feline-health-center/health-information/feline-health-topics/feline-immunodeficiency-virus https://etobicokehumanesociety.com/should-fiv-stop-you-from-adopting-an-awesome-cat/

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